Skill Enhancing And Research Home Of The Children


To provide skills/training opportunities to those who have the scarcity of resources to access and to provide training opportunities in order to equip them to cope with the growing world of competition and make them self-sufficient. Social mobilization and skills development is the shared objective of the TRDP and SEARCH. Keeping in view the above objective, SEARCH have been nominated to work as a middle tear between the target market and its output/productivity by providing the resources access for translating their existing talent to be the part of their professional life, without compromising the quality of service.
Besides other running project, its great honor for SEARCH that an opportunity to fuel up further rural development in line with TRDP have been recognized on one platform.

To provide vocational training opportunities in coordination with TRDP to the entities who have the urge of exertion in order to improve the quality of their lives and become financial self sufficient. Planning have been made and strategy been formulated for perusal of the project in such a way so as to come up/ exceeds the required expectations of the venture.

Currently training on following three areas have bee provided:

1. Embroidery
2. Frame work
3. Dress making (Aday Jo Bhart)

The above mentioned skills enhancing opportunities have been decided to provide on the following grounds.
Ten centers will be there to provide services having the batch of 30 trainees each.
Ten candidates will be there in each cadre of the batch.
Premises, equipments and human resources will be provided by SEARCH where as the raw material will be supplied accordingly by TRDP along with the selected entrant for successful perusal of said project.

A total number of 96 participants are provided training on the areas of Embroidery, Framework and dress making, hopefully with the required time the training will be furnished and completed accordingly.
Staff of 9 trainers is currently active to provide services on 3 Centers i.e. Kasbo, Hajamro and Haradeda, Whereas 7 other centers are ready for provisioning of training and for that the required trainers have also been selected, now waiting for implementation indications for execution of plan.
Any of the observation internally by SEARCH staff/ by TRDP highlighted instance are rectified on priority and strategy been formulated for non repetition of the same for future.

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