Skill Enhancing And Research Home Of The Children

Star English Institute

Despite havingness of the focal point and innermost consign millennium generation of Mithi had not exclusive draw near and access up to the beginning of 2005 to take pace globally by internationally communicating belongings and techniques. Roaming in the streets, abusing and morally distractions values , biasness and cultural barriers , halting and hidden endowment, prey of opportunities, unawareness about on-going collection i.e. historically, socially, economically and geo-politically respectively. Future had been put up at stake and at the clemency of somewhat mean-oriented hands. It seemed a far cry to blossom the rosy and rapture flowers under the modernization umbrella where talent has recognition. Having 50 thousand populations in a town with vast enormity of aptitude raised and gathered under one platform, in an institute silhouette named “STAR ENGLISH COACHING CENTRE”; innovative step was initiated by SEARCH. A place where English had been the mode of communication, in addition it stage activities such as speeches, debates, tableaus, and many other competitions took place. Those who very deprived cum intelligent were taught without any charge. With short slice of time result went beyond one’s expectations, and the giant journey which was started with couple of kids it implanted decisively and more than fifty students became part of this fabulous convoy for vivid prospect. Everyday there had been something to make neo track by which creativity could reveal and reflect and make a sense of accomplishment. It was totally ground-breaking pace and at each entrance made worthy product. Key stakeholders from different parts of life were timely called and different programs were put up for new wave in millennium generation. Not only this but first it was sensitized to the leaders of the futures that cramming system is worst form of schooling thus by using creative structure specially 4c’s pattern, creativity, continuity, consistency and confidence you can give a change to your study pattern. Children as well as youth adopted all which were acknowledged. On the very days there had been close liaison with SPARC (society for the protection of the rights of the children) and TRDP (Thar Rural Development Program). Child friendly atmosphere did create totally revolutionary movement and as the eggs were informed about UNCRC and their basic rights they got superb confidence and went on superbly to get what they desired. Besides their rights they were also acknowledged about their role and responsibilities with positive attitude as well as behavior respectively.

News and Events

Peace is Possible Campaign

Health and Hygiene Awareness Program

Drought in Tharparkar

Facilitation of Recruitment in HST, JST & PST in Tharparkar and Umerkot Districts

Telemedicine Project(e Health) with Ask Foundation

Providing Basic Teaching & Vocational Mobile training in Remote Areas with Ministry of Youth Affairs Gos

Establishment of Comsat Virtual Campus Study Center in Mithi District Tharparkar

Establishment of 5 IELP Schools in District Tharparkar

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