Skill Enhancing And Research Home Of The Children

Search children Committee

A committee that is existed for the children by the children of the children was started very early to ensure the rights of the children. SCC has a Mission to aware the human regarding basic rights of the children and provides them opportunities where as Vision having ness of the umbrella under which values of children are valued. Basically committee is aimed to provide valuable mean to child to child approach, formation of SCC indifferent villages of Tharparkar, to develop DCA (District Child Assembly) where children discuss their problems by themselves, organize annual award program as to reward their talents throughout the district, to eradicate the gender gap and to make their participation equally, publish literature to spread educational, social, economical and technological information. The committee is consisted upon 25 members they conduct meeting fortnightly in which they discuss new and versatile things for the betterment and development of whom who have nothing. They sit altogether try to understand the voice and have a sense to manage the things. Every fortnight they also call eminent stake holder for lecture session, almost every aspect of life. Besides this they make exposures of different towns and cities. They do aware other children by visiting different hamlets, villages of district Tharparkar. They have full command over English language thus they don’t feel any hesitation to become a part of globe level personalities. They have also keen part in indoor as well as outdoor activities. Scrabbling, Puzzles, Chess, Cricket and other games too. They are fully aware about their fundamental rights, and they also conduct the session and make debate about different crucial issues frequently. They go in different educational institution where they tell the teachers and kids about hazardous of corporal punishment. They prefer child to child approach and feel bad of policing schooling system. They have also theater group by which they acknowledge and covey the message about the importance of quality education, harmful perspective of copy culture, future destructive zones especially child labor, value ability of child friendly atmosphere, importance of female education, role of technical education, growth of information technology, even they talk about the policies its implementations and hindrances, increasing the literacy ratio, importance of heritage things, health and hygiene, peace and harmony, water and sanitation. This is the best advocacy tool to aware the raw public about basic missing objectives. They have close liaison with media thus they perform their activities at radio and TV channels respectively.

Search Youth Committee

Whenever we look around the corner under the blue umbrella and open the window of the past we see a great change day by day indeed it is not an instant work but consistently day in and day out vigorous struggle by the key component of the society; “youth”. Sensitizing the bridging role and sheer acquaintance with multi Performa methods Youth has latch key for upgrading the family position. Not only this but having the sentimental waves of worth ideas with tower-approach to make gigantic change amidst society. SEARCH, understanding the trotting steps of youth, getting benefit for their expertises assembled the cluster of whom that do their work as a professional in different growing sectors. The committee, agrees to pay due attention of one’s for whom that are not only future of tomorrow but partner of present. The committee pays focused attention especially in job supporting, scholarship opportunities, field-orientation, and approach towards neo tracks, advocacy and awareness regarding education towards their filed areas. The committee aimed to work for deprived, under privileged, needy and deserving kids whom surviving sees a far cry. This committee also succeeded to launch an innovative step, in which 20 youth above intermediate were called interviewed and made capable to get four skills; i.e. English language, Computer, driving and how to appear in interview. This Model project was poll funded by SEARCH. They carriage was driven for four months and youth were pleased with having ness of these market-oriented skills. During that well known stakeholders became the part as by that they could be enriched with different Despines and talent could be displayed. Having completed that they easily got the job.

As SYC have more than 18 components in different villages as well as metropolitan cities as Islamabad, Lahore, Karachi and Hyderabad. They play superb role for grassroots persons towards elevated position. As the message that to be received by a youth who has been studying at Islamabad can easily convey through texting on cell towards countryside person. This is the superb practice and more than 200 youth have been benefited from this chain. Though they don’t have any regular meetings by through e-communication they easily convey their voices to make others voice strong and stable.

News and Events

Peace is Possible Campaign

Health and Hygiene Awareness Program

Drought in Tharparkar

Facilitation of Recruitment in HST, JST & PST in Tharparkar and Umerkot Districts

Telemedicine Project(e Health) with Ask Foundation

Providing Basic Teaching & Vocational Mobile training in Remote Areas with Ministry of Youth Affairs Gos

Establishment of Comsat Virtual Campus Study Center in Mithi District Tharparkar

Establishment of 5 IELP Schools in District Tharparkar

Advisory Committee