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Geographical Condition and Executive Summary of the Project:

District Tharparkar is one of the far flung areas where the literacy ratio is less than other districts of Sindh. Mithi being the District Headquarter of Tharparkar and hub place even where the educational activities are worth the name; specially the students lack of facility of library and there may hardly be any place where they meet for combine study and share their educational ideas in a noise free healthy environment. As a result the new millennium generation is wasting their precious time in future destructive places like hotels and mini-cinemas.
Besides this, the students also have no such privileges of adopting reading habit in a self learning healthy environment. Though some of the students from educated and velvet gowned families have made reading environment themselves at home but their carrier train is not catching right track due to improper guidance and unavailability of extra learning and skill enhancing tools. On the other side the poor students are not able to afford costly books and Magazines, resulting decrease in reading habits day by day.
Keeping in view above mentioned situation and students necessities, The Skill Enhancing and Research Home of Children (SEARCH) initiated a Project of “Digital Library & Learning Resource Center” for every student. The SEARCH believed that the major causes of decrease in educational activities like reading and learning habits are unavailability because of healthy environment. By such environment, in which they can study and avail opportunities of learning aid materials like books and audio visual aids with the guidance of carrier councilor.

Aims & Objectives

1. The students get benefit from above mentioned project and are able to face the global challenges of 21st century.
2. Providing competitive and interactive environment to students where they could deliver speeches, debates and perform extracurricular activities.
3. The groups of students meet together for combine study and share their innovative ideas resulting brainstorm.
4. This project helps us to meet the millennium development goals.
5. Literacy rate would be increased.
6. The students become Aware of their rights and responsibilities and prove to be good citizens.
7. Increase in reading and learning habit.
8. Poor and needy students benefit from this facility.
9. The students utilize their time and money in constructive activities.
10. Through Internet the students share and gain knowledge globally.

News and Events

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Advisory Committee