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Drought in Tharparkar

Facts about Thar Drought

The drought in thar is a regular phenomenon and happens every second year either a mild one of or with high intensity. The current situation is the outcome of no rain fall in two Taluka of Thar Mithi and Diplo. Therefore, there was no fodder or grasses. Resulting less food available for cattle and sheep. last year in the beginning of the November 2013 there was an outbreak of sheep pox particularly in Taluka Diplo and hundreds of sheep died sweeping whole heard of every owner. other fact about nutrition and situation to women and children as not different than the rest of the Sindh.

Following are the Facts

1.Rain did not happen in Thar particularly in two Talukas and half of Chachro Taluka resulting no crops and fodder for livestock

2.There was an outbreak of sheep pox started from Taluka Diplo and spread over whole Thar wiped of sheep and thousands sheep died.

3.The fact is that people do migrate with cattle to benefit from sugar cane harvest followed by wheat harvest to feed their cattle, sale milk, and breed their cattle so that the cows are again in milk in monsoon. it has become a normal phenomenon during last ten years.

4. It is fact that young age marriages are happening in Thar on large scale resulting more women attend hospitals and want to deliver babies in the hospitals

5. It a fact that the deaths of the children is reported and documented now as was not the case in past. and it is also the fact that the deaths are on high side but not necessarily because of only nutritional factors. There are other factors too.

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Drought in Tharparkar

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