Skill Enhancing And Research Home Of The Children

Welcome to SEARCH:

SEARCH is a non-governmental, non-profitable registered organization working since last decade in social sector specifically for and with the under-privileged, deprived, indigenous and off corner segments. Education, Child, Youth and Women rights, health and hygiene, Advocacy and awareness, capacity building is the areas of intervention.

Glancing at overall scenario of Pakistan generally and in Sindh particularly violation of fundamental rights, unemployment, flaws, biasness, favouritism in aptitude approaches towards institutions, queries of main power their capacities and capabilities, frustration in youth, limping policies and trapped child and bonded labour compel to address things and make voice for voiceless.

SEARCH believes in change; thus organization emphasizes to state regarding her responsibility to provide basic immunities of individual without any discrimination of caste, creed and colour. Those southern areas of Sindh which have lacking or missing fundamental facilities organization focuses on that and bridging in between gross root vs policy makers.

SEARCH empowers women and youth through vocational and technical education which has brought new wave of change around the globe. Qualitative education, health and hyegine, advocacy and awareness sessions for their fundamental rights are the part of different programs. Search Youth and Children committees are playing proactive role in the process and embarking the lines through multiplying efforts. Testing the applicants at entry gate is also leading part of plan and implemented at different doors. Exchange visits at National/International galleries, debating and sketching with key stakeholders, innovative windows for qualified faculties, boosting, updating and developing though desiring and determining tools unto destiny. Broadening worth ideas, widening skills as well as knowledge and exploring concealed diamonds though articulating literary mantras in within millennium generation’s mind to make civic citizen and develop peaceful and democratic society.

SEARCH consents the appealing visibility of coordination and networking which makes matching likeminded inspirations and have always been linked to interlink local, regional, national and international communities through cosmopolitan thought for interfaith, harmony and understanding, to share one’s experiences, expectations, expertises in trotting pace supported by technology, education and development.

SEARCH endeavours for sustainable cites by dint of transparent and participated monitoring and evaluation mechanisms which indulge communities and caravan under one roof. Hundred of the thousands of the beneficiaries nevertheless been till projects durations but they are partnering at every corner where they can as volunteer force entitled as “Peace Lover” and “Agent of Change”. SEARCH at every step recognizes their contribution, commitment and continual attachment for the great cause of humanity.

SEARCH does not solely chant slogans of democratic values and self-governing society but strives its level best under be, do and have format to attain VISION of organization. SEARCH welcomes every likeminded individual/institution for joint step and work for whom that have nothing but dried dreams in awaiting eyes.

News and Events

Peace is Possible Campaign

Health and Hygiene Awareness Program

Drought in Tharparkar

Facilitation of Recruitment in HST, JST & PST in Tharparkar and Umerkot Districts

Telemedicine Project(e Health) with Ask Foundation

Providing Basic Teaching & Vocational Mobile training in Remote Areas with Ministry of Youth Affairs Gos

Establishment of Comsat Virtual Campus Study Center in Mithi District Tharparkar

Establishment of 5 IELP Schools in District Tharparkar

Advisory Committee