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Carrier counseling Program

It has generally been observed that on the one hand owing to illiteracy and unawareness the literacy rate slopes whereas on the other hand those who remain it is not easy for them to select which line is best for their future. As Thari eagerly and consistently follow the rites and rituals thus almost they suggest their kid as Medical is better as forwardly it supports for their engagement. As most of the parents ponder that if a person is doctor than it is too best. Glancing the situation, having observed that a joint venture have been set up with CRC SPARC Mithi chapter. Matriculation students from different public and private schools are called. Initially having made intro forms are given as to write their own interesting lines. Estimated 80% of the result gets the favor of medical and than 12% of engineering than business and so on. Basically they don’t know which the best line is but they just hunt as it is to be suggested by seniors or intellectuals they just get the things in one dimension and then they put up their future at stake.
Feeling the competition of system, and growth of new lines session was conducted. Students had not ideas that which track is adequate for their future, when it was urged and emphasized that it’s U-turn of your life than they felt the importance of career counseling. They were in groups and parents and kids role was played. Majority of the students had fear that if they would ask anything about their future than parents would daunt them , as they were feeling they had not any right to take their decision. Initially they were fully made aware about UNCRC, and Sindh Children Act. It was told to the hall that, “you are the master of you are destiny, don’t curse upon your fate as you can do more than parents expectations”. Almost students had complained from their parents and teachers regarding their attitude and behavior. They were very confused and nervous thus it was felt there was a need to make counseling of the parents too. Having received the acknowledgment about business (CA, ACCA, CAT, BBA, and, Hotel management, jobs in embassies’, growth of privatization, job oriented skills, market demand, speed up mark of telecommunication, socio-economic conditions, different universities of Pakistan and offering degrees in engineering, medical, agriculture, and other disciplines, role of NGOs, GOs institution, institutional development, CSS, PCS, Access towards scholarships for national as well as international universities, importance of SAT, GRE, TOFEL, ILETS, and other language courses, required documentations etcetera. It remained super everybody felt very pleasure and made somewhat different decisions. They got confidence when they came for giving presentation in a groups , marvelous changing were reflecting over the faces of sunny kids. They demanded to keep continue as it was a totally different steps. Thus career counseling brought a mega change and played pivotal role for uplifting the futuristic scenario of students.

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