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BBSYDP Projects

BBSYDP (IT Project)

It has timely been observed that TED (technology, education and development) has been expanded in every aspects of life. After the assassination of Mohtrama shaheed Benezir Bhutto, a project named BBSYDP was started in different fields. In IT project in district Tharparkar SEARCH became the partner of IT Department government of Sindh. Through BBSYDP (four months training) to develop skill of the job graduates for local and international job market in order to eradicate poverty hence to develop the socio economic condition for the common citizens. The proposed project will also provide state-of-the-art IT training including communication skills, so that these efforts will contribute to the reduction of the IT in the country for improving working efficiency, transparency and good governance. IT Induction of IT skilled manpower has been made mandatory for promotion and recruitment of government employees as mentioned in the National IT Policy and required to be adopted by the Government of Sindh. Followings goals were kept in eye
To provide trained and certified IT professionals in different fields of IT for present and future requirement and increasing their qualification as per market demand. To provide new development tools and IT skill to youth for local and international job markets consumption and generate employment opportunities for trained main power. To provide possible indication in public and private sector employment and also improving working efficiency transparency and good governance. Earn foreign exchanges through export of surplus man power.

Courses: Data Entry Operator & Computer Operator

Duration: 04 months (from February 2009 to May-2009)

Number of Participants: 75

Data Entry Operator: 60

Computer Operator: 15


During the training all the trainees got incentive of 5000/ rupees besides enriched with skills. At present almost all the trained trainees have been doing jobs at in JOs/NGOs sectors. Or some of them have opened their centers and teaching other students. SEARCH also believes that, that is the way by which change could not only be imagined but watched.

BBSYDP (Short hand Course)

Duration: 04 months from April 2009-July2009

Number of Participants: 10

BBSYDP (Office Skill Management Program) Phase I & Phase II

Under the umbrella of BBSYDP (Benzir Bhutto Shaheed Youth Development Program) a project for female on Office Skill Management Program was started. As the literacy rate of the district especially female side is poorer to combat with that by providing basic management skills, female could be capable to get the job. Likewise other BBSYDP projects incentives were also given to the trainees. In fits phase there had been 20 trainees and the course duration was four month and like that same number, duration and incentives were also the part of second phase. Matriculate and intermediate females from Umerkot and Mithi districts were the part of the project. Besides above mentioned things, bags and kits were also provided to all the trainees. It was really fruitful project. It had also been under the umbrealla of Women Development Department Government of Sindh.

BBSYDP (Beautification project)

With the affiliation of women development department and Gul Beauty parlor a project on beautification was started. As it was a four month project whereas number of trainees were only 08.
Undoubtedly Thar is under-privileged area besides balancing and upgrading the running things we should have to keep pace at present moment. In this context SEARCH started this neo zone. PARIKSHA BEAUTY PARLOR was set up. Tool kits with sound literature during training period was provided to trainee. Incentives were also the part of the training. As it is market-oriented skills and SEARCH believes that by having such skills female could not only earn and live under satisfactory livelihood but besides this skill is also a part of coming trade.

Duration: 04 months from10th February 2010 to 10 May 2010.

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